Never Tyrannize the Servants of God
Imam Ali’s (AS) advice to Malek was: I swear by God if I remain wakeful at night by standing on the prick of Sa’adan while my hands and feet have been shackled and pulled over the pricks and brushwood in the desert, I consider this act more favorable than meeting God and His Messenger on the Day of Resurrection while I have tyrannized some of the servants of God or usurped some things of worldly things. How can I do tyranny to one who is growing old fast and moving towards death and has to stay long days under the soil? Do you want me gain victory by doing oppression? Thank God that as long as difference of night and day exists and as long as stars move pursuing each other I will not do such a thing; if public treasury was mine I would distribute equally among the people while it belongs to God. Know that forgiveness of property to one who is not deserving of it is undue and prodigality.

Humble servitude, gratification, content, courage, eloquence, moderation, perseverance and diligence, resistance, hard-working, futurism, resolution, strong will, power to make decision in battle and judgment, sincerity and truthfulness in thought and words and deeds and … are among features of a leader in society while all the munificence had been found in the sacred existence of the Commander of the Believers Imam Ali (AS).