The idea of Mahdaviat is based on the solid principle of divine vow which says that the end of humanity will be in the best form

The idea of Mahdaviat is based on the solid principle of divine vow which says that the end of humanity will be in the best form, and for the fulfillment of this promise formation of a perfect system along with an excellent leader is much necessary. A Leader will get free from the shackles of tyranny the feeble, the pathetic and the oppressed people, will give them the courage to live conceitedly, and will liberate them from the all types of prejudices like religious, racial, linguistic, economical, theoretical, etc. So we can say that Mahdaviat is the doctrine to epilogue the politics of oppression, tyranny, injustice, cheating, artifice, exploitation, and self-interest and to establish a fair and just global Government. So according to the idea of Mahdaviat is believed on the formation or establishment of a Government and State;

  • with the formation of which Almighty Allah will predominant His religion on all religions of the world and people will penetrate in that true religion in large number,
  • whose laws and political philosophy will be according to the golden teachings of Islam and Quran the teachings which are exactly according the nature of human beings,
  • where plenty of justice will be available to everyone without any difference or discrimination,
  • where so called western concept of equality before law will enforce in a true and practicable form,
  • where the concept Might is Right will not provide the basis for International Law but it will work on the basis of good temperament, equality, justice and brotherhood,
  • where mere empty claims of human rights will not rule but each and every one will live according to their fundamental rights, and
  • where eternal and durable peace will be maintained.

Mahdaviat is the doctrine to have firm belief on the establishment of fair, just, equitable and peaceful political system being in vogue by the reformer of the world as known by different names in different religions. Shia know him as Mahdi Mauood the son of the Holy Prophet and will establish true political system according to the Islam. Under this doctrine of idea of Mahdaviat, we believe on the presence of the alive and vanished Imam who is living among us, supervising our fair activities, helping and guiding us in difficulties or crisis. Now we are waiting for a day when he will appear and while terminating the political system based on tyranny, oppression, exploitation, injustice, self-interest, cheating and artifice will establish a fair and just political system.