The following is the fourth part of a collection of hadiths about the third Imam of Shia Muslims, Imam Hussein (AS), who was martyred along with his 72 loyal companion in Iraq’s Karbala.

Mourning angels

Imam Sadiq (AS) said: Allah has appointed to the grave of Imam Hussain (AS), four thousand anguished and grief‑stricken angels, who weep over him (and shall continue to do so) up to the Day of Judgment. Kamil al‑ziyaraat, pg. 119.

Weeping over Hussain (AS)

Imam Reza (AS) said (to Rayyan Ibn Shabib): O’ Son of Shabib! If you have to cry over something, then do so over Hussain Ibn ‘Ali (AS) for surely, he was slaughtered in the manner in which a ram is slaughtered. Bihar al Anwar, vol. 94, pg. 286.

Gatherings in remembrance of the Imams

Imam Reza (AS) said: He who sits in a gathering in which our affairs (and our path and aims) are discussed and revived, his heart shall not die on the day (Day of Judgment) when hearts shall die (of fear). Bihar alAnwar vol 4 pg. 178.

Benefits of weeping over Hussain (AS)

Imam Reza (AS) said: Those who weep should weep over the likes of Hussain (AS) for surely, weeping over him does away with one’s great sins. Bihar al‑Anwar vol: 94, pg. 184.

Forgiveness of sins

Imam Reza (AS) said: O’ Son of Shabib! Should you weep for Hussain (AS) in the measure that tears roll down your cheeks, Allah would forgive all the sins committed by you, whether they be the great sins or the small sins and whether they be meagre or immense. Amali Saduq, pg. 111.

Intimacy with the progeny

Imam Reza (AS) said (to Ibn Shabib): O’ Son of Shabib! If it makes you happy (and you desire) to be with us in the elevated ranks of paradise, then be sad in our grief and happy at our happiness. Wasaail al‑Shiah, vol. 14 pg. 502.

Day of Ashura

Imam Reza (AS) said: One who refrains from seeking his (worldly) desires on the day of Ashura, Allah shall grant him his desires of this world and the hereafter. Wasaail al Shiah, 14, pg. 504.

Pilgrim of Hussain (AS)

Imam Sadiq (AS) said: The zaair (pilgrim) of Imam Hussain (AS) turns back (from his pilgrimage) such that not a single sin remains upon him. Wasaail al‑Shia’h, vol 14, pg. 412.

Hussain (AS) seeks forgiveness for his pilgrims

(Regarding someone who goes for pilgrimage to the shrine of Imam Hussain (AS)), Imam Sadiq (AS) said: One who weeps for Imam Hussain (AS), surely, the Imam (AS) observes him and seeks forgiveness for him and requests his holy fathers to (also) seek forgiveness for him. Bihar al‑Anwar vol. 44, pg. 181.

Intercession on Day of Judgment

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) (said to Sayyida Fatimah (SA)): On the Day of Judgment, you shall intercede for the ladies and I shall intercede for the men; every person who has wept over the tragedy of Hussain (AS), we shall take him by the hand and lead him into Paradise. Bihar al‑Anwar vol. 94 pg. 192.