About Shiafollowers

In the world today, the image of Islam continues to be projected in an increasingly distorted manner. Even more distorted is the way globally-dominant mainstream media portray the beliefs and life of the followers of Shia Islam. Therefore, it needs little argument that depicting a true image of real Islam as taught and lived by the prophet and his progeny (peace be upon them) is an ever-growing duty never conclusively accomplished and an ever-expanding requirement never fully fulfilled. As one more step on the path of this duty and requirement, Shiafollowers attempts to shape a small but hopeful force against the global hegemonic powers to cease their evil endeavors against Shia, Islam, and humanity. What we offer is knowledge on various aspects of Shia beliefs and ways of life for Shias, other Muslims, and non-Muslims, as well as news and updates of current Shia events. We welcome the application of materials provided by Shiafollowers or their re-circulation on the simple condition of mentioning Shiafollowers as the source. We also appreciate your contributions to this endeavor on any relevant topic and in any format.

Who We Are

Shiafollowers is created and maintained by a group of young Iranian university students from different academic disciplines along with some young students and scholars of Islamic studies, also based in Iran, who are eager to raise the historically less-heard voice of the followers of the progeny of the prophet of Islam (peace be upon them). Having come together based on their common cultural concerns about Shia communities within the Islamic world and in the wider context of the contemporary world, these young men and women are enthusiastically pursuing the goal of adding momentum to the struggling media streams that strive to represent a true image of Shia Islam.

Our Audience

Shiafollowers aims to reach all truth-seeking individuals and communities around the world; men and women, young and old, adults and children. Therefore, while our audience obviously includes the followers of Shia beliefs, we do not intend to confine our message to the geographical boundaries or identity-labels of Shia people. We do also envisage reaching out to the wider Muslim world with all its diversity and we also attempt to extend the message of Shia followers to anyone, in any corner of the world, with any ideology, who has a concern for peace and justice for all human beings.