The Prophet (PBUH) of Islam’s Important Recommendation on Contemplation

Religion places emphasis on contemplation, thinking and rationalization because it is to lead man toward God, godliness, and betterment of his worldly and heavenly life. It is in such condition that the foundations of religious doctrines are cemented in man and he can apply true Islamic beliefs in his thinking.

Contemplation is an important and essential step in consolidation of religious principles. In other words, in order to consolidate religious principles that are related to human thought and rationalization, one must contemplate accurately. But how the true path of thinking is acquired? What are the religious and Islamic instructions in this connection?

Contemplation about God is the best worship

Ibn Kavva’ asked Imam Ali (AS) about the characteristics of Islam and he replied: “The Almighty God, set the Divine legislation of Islam and put it a cover for the farsighted believers and a cause of understanding the keen-sighted.” He also said: “The best form of worshipping is thinking about God and His Power.”

The Emir of the Believers, Imam Ali (AS) in his last will to Muhammad ibn Hanifeh says: “He who acts irrespective of its end result, exposes himself to the indecent events and contemplation before any act will keep you away from regret.”

He also said: “Beware! There will be no gain in recitation of the Holy Qur’an if it is not read with contemplation.”

Worship and Contemplation

Imam Sadiq (AS) has said: “Worship does not mean abundance of prayers and fasting. The real worship means contemplation on the Act of the Almighty God.” Therefore, the basis of all worships and other Islamic programs in all areas from the individual life to the social life, and in the entire worldly and heavenly life is based on contemplation.