Here are a few famous sayings of Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (AS), the sixth Imam of Shia Muslims, on knowledge:

— Knowledge is a shield, truthfulness is might, ignorance is abasement, understanding is glory, generosity is success, good behavior causes friendship, he who has knowledge about his time, ambiguous things do not attack him.

— Whoever attacks a matter without knowledge cuts off his own nose.

— Verily, knowledge is a lock and its key is the question.

— Allah does not accept any act without knowledge, there is no knowledge without act, so whoever knows, knowledge leads him to act, and whoever does not act gets no knowledge, but belief is a little of a little.

— Enough for the fear of Allah is knowledge and enough for self-importance is ignorance.

Indeed, the most knowledge of all men in Allah is the most satisfied of them with death.

— There is no life more glorious than possessing meritorious ethics and morals.

— Being cheerful and affable with people is by itself half of wisdom.

— The believers have four signs: good humor, tactfulness, kind heartedness and openhandedness

— Immorality and surliness makes the human’s life miserable and bitter

— Walking hastily diminishes the credit and value of the believer and ruins his spiritual and moral image in public.

— A good-tempered person people enjoys the company of the virtuous people and is immune to the molestation and harassment of the wicked people.

— Meritorious morals increase the number of friends and beloved.

— There are three things that signify the magnanimity of a person: good temper, patience, and to avoid aggressive gaze.

Miserly, jealous and liar men are far from peace, pleasure and humanity.

— Whoever subdues his anger, the Almighty God will increase his respect in both worlds.

— It’s proper for the wise to say right so his words are reliable and it’s proper for him to thank God, so His graces will be increased for him.

— My lovely friend is he who criticizes my faults.