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The Character And Virtues Of Lady Zeinab (PBUH).part3

  4- Patience and Resistance In Islam, patience has a high position. The Quran gives glad tidings to those who patiently persevere. (2: 155) The relation of patience to faith is similar to the head for the body. Lady Zeinab (PBUH) is the best sample of patience and resistance. Patience and resistance in the guarding the boundaries of religion and humans dignity are the obvious features of this great Lady. Everything comes to him who waits. Her wonderful patience and resistance have surprised everyone. When she was 5 years old, she faced sorrows. She saw her loved ones’ sorrow...

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The Character And Virtues Of Lady Zeinab (PBUH).part2

  1-Science and knowledge Her wise speeches and sermons, supported by the Quran verses, in Kufa, in the mansion of Ubayd Allah Ibn Ziyad and in the court of Yazid, all testify to her knowledge. Ibn Abbas has narrated the high valuable speech of Lady Fatimah (PBUH) about “Fadak” from Lady Zeinab (PBUH) and he has said: “Our Aqilat”, Zeinab bint Ali, said: …. In addition to this, her teaching and interpreting of the Quran, for women of Kufa at the time of Imam Ali’s government, shows her knowledge. Lady Zeinab (PBUH) was in the position of narrating hadith,...

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The Character And Virtues Of Lady Zeinab (PBUH).part1

    Psychologists believe that: factors such as heredity, upbringing, and the environment have basic roles in the formation of the foundation of humans’ character. These three factors had a special position in the life of Lady Zeinab (PBUH): Heredity: Lady Zeinab was born in the Revelation’s Family (Nabuwat and Wilayat). Her ancestor was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); her father was Imam Ali (A.S); and her mother was Lady Fatimah, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said about the children of Lady Fatimah: The children of Fatimah (Hassan, Hussein, Zeinab, and Umm Kulthum), whom I am...

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