Imam Hussein (AS) had shown by his acts and speeches during the events of Karbala that this conflict was much more universal in nature, and that he knew he was going to live forever after his martyrdom.

The following is a list of five lessons that each individual can learn from the events of Karbala and Imam Hussein’s (AS) path:

  1. It teaches the parents how to love and cherish their children – however, when the time of sacrifice, the parent comes is in the forefront to sacrifice his/her child for the right cause.
  2. It teaches men and women how a husband should behave with her wife, and vise-versa. Even when the family is threatened for life, property, and honour, how sensible people keep their heads and act according to Allah’s and nature’s laws.
  3. It teaches the faithful that your beliefs and your convictions are the most important thing in the world.
  4. It teaches the faithful to find the right Imam and follow him.
  5. It teaches the faithful that helplessness and lack of power in this world do not mean a thing as long as one has chosen the right path and he/she is convinced that he/she is on the side of the truth.