Some results of Goodness to Parents


1. Divine Satisfaction

It is mentioned in narrations, that the first divine writing on the Lauh-e-Mahfooz is that: There is no God but Me and I am satisfied with the one whose parents are happy with him.[1]

2. Descent of Mercy

Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) has instructed: The heavenly doors open forth on four occasions – at the time of rain, when a child looks towards the face of his parent, when the doors of the Holy Kaaba open and at the time of marriage.[2]

3. The Highest Stage of Heaven

Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) gives glad tidings: The Almighty Allah will grant the foremost grades in Paradise to the believer who possesses these four
characteristics. These grades of heaven are the highest in nobility and greatness. The one who spends on his parents, treats them with love and mercy, acts with goodness and does not make them aggrieved.[3]

4. Under the shade of the Divine Throne

Imam Ja’farSadiq (a.s) mentions that one day Musa (a.s) witnessed a man under the shade of the Heavenly Throne while he was deep in prayers.  He (a.s) asked: “O Lord! Who is this whom Your Throne shelters “.  The reply came:He has done goodness towards his parents and kept away from backbiting.[4]

5. The Sign of being a Shia

Imam Ja’farSadiq (a.s.) instructed: O Jabir! Our Shia is known by these attributes. Piety, abstinence… and goodness towards parents.6 The importance of respect of and being kind towards parents is absolutely clear from these statements. It has great effects in the hereafter. Since a mother takes great pains in nurturing of a child, her status too is greater.

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