The Character and virtues of Lady Zeinab (PBUH)


Psychologists believe that: factors such as heredity, upbringing, and the environment have basic roles in the formation of the foundation of humans’ character.

These three factors had a special position in the life of Lady Zeinab (PBUH):

  1. Heredity: Lady Zeinab was born in the Revelation’s Family (Nabuwat and Wilayat). Her ancestor was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); her father was Imam Ali (A.S); and her mother was Lady Fatimah, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said about the children of Lady Fatimah:

The children of Fatimah (Hassan, Hussein, Zeinab, and Umm Kulthum), whom I am their lineal protector, have been created from the essence of my nature.

So Lady Zeinab (PBUH) was born in such a family and has inherited the levels of perfection from these three great characters.

  1. Upbringing: Lady Zeinab (PBUH) was trained in the affectionate laps of Prophet, Imam Ali (A.S), and Lady Fatimah (S.A,) and she grew up under a careful monitoring of this family.

The upbringing of Lady Zeinab (A.S) in such a family led to this fact that this great character is considered as the third Lady of the Islam, after Lady Khadijah (PBUH) and Lady Fatimah (PBUH).

  1. Environment: another important foundation of humans’ character is their environment. Lady Zeinab (PBUH) grew in an environment which was the center of virtue and sincerity. The living environment of Lady Zeinab in Medina was the home of Imam Ali (A.S), Lady Fatimah (PBUH), Imam Hassan and Hussein (PBUT). The home which has been the center of believers’ aspirations and a beloved place. Such a bright environment and a blessed home flourished the religious and humane values in her blissful being.

 The dignity of Lady Zeinab (pbuh)

Lady Zeinab had a special dignity and position, to the extent that whenever she entered her father’s place, Imam Ali (PBUH) stood up and gave his place to her. She was a trustworthy person for her father.

She had a special dignity for Imam Hassan (A.S) and Imam Hussein (A.S) after his father. These two Imams respected her a lot. When problems and calamities happened for them, they tried to hide it so that Lady Zeinab (PBUH) would not notice it and become unhappy.

But the affection between Imam Hussein (A.S) and Lady Zeinab (PBUH) was a mutual and exceptional one. Imam Hussein (A.S) respected her a lot. He knew her as his trustworthy person and he gave her his trusts. Imam Hussein (A.S) deposited Imamate Secrets to her. This testifies to the dignity of Lady Zeinab (PBUH). When Lady Zeinab would meet Imam Hussein (A.S), he happily placed her near himself.

The virtues of Lady Zeinab (PBUH)

Lady Zeinab (PBUH) has many virtues. As it was said, she has some titles such as Aqilat Bani Hashim (wise woman of Banu Hashim), ‘Alima Ghayr Mu’allama (the scholar without being taught), etc. and each of them testifies to the dignity of Lady Zeinab (PBUH).

Lady Zeinab (PBUH) was a tall woman. She had a good face and great dignity. In dignity and personality, she was similar to her grandmother, Lady Khadijah (PBUH); in modesty and purity, she was like her mother, Lady Fatimah (PBUH); in the eloquence of expression, she was like her father, Imam Ali (A.S); in patience, she was similar to Imam Hassan (A.S); and in courage she was like   her brother, Imam Hussein (A.S).

In this section we mention some of her virtues.

To be continued…..

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