In some sayings, they have considered liars as dead people. They say, “A liar is like a dead person. Because the superiority of the living people over the dead ones is because of the trust one could have for a living person. Therefore, if people cannot trust a living person, his life means nothing and he is no different from the dead ones.

This has been talked about by Imam Ali too who said, “People lose trust in the one who has a reputation as a liar.”‌

Therefore, if we want people to trust us, so that we could have a good and pleasant life, we should stay away from lying and not to commit this big sin.

We all know that every unpleasant deed that has been condemned in Qur’an and in the sayings and that God, Imams and prophets have recommended us to stay away from, definitely have unpleasant consequences. If someone does not care about these advices and commits any of these evil deeds, he cannot get away with it and its consequences will hurt him in his life.

One of these evil and unpleasant deeds, that has been condemned a lot in many verses and sayings is lying, which has a lot of fatal consequences. We should try to get to know about these consequences and try to stay away from such evil deeds by cultivating in our souls the hatred towards them, so that we could save ourselves and others against them.