Malek and Justice

Therefore, your best saving should be your meritorious deeds. Therefore, exercise control over your carnal desires and passions; resent what is not permissible and admissible for one’s self. Envy for this because treating self enviously in what it desires or hates is another type of administering justice. I swear by God that for retrieving the right of the oppressed from oppressor, I will order in terms of justice and equity and will drag the oppressor like a camel with a tether in its nose to control and pull it to its trough and forcing it to return the right of people even though it is reluctant to come. I will desperate the oppressor so as to regain the right of the oppressed.

Everyone who grows discerning, the straight path will become evident to him in knowledge and in action. Everyone for whom the straight path pops up can understand the state of the progenitors and anyone who gets acquainted with the state of others appears to have been living among predecessors and experience their conditions and the result of their deeds.