The Masjid al-Nuqtah is a mosque located on Mount Jawshan in Aleppo, Syria. The main feature of the mosque is a stone believed to be stained with the blood of Imam Husayn (AS) by Shia Muslims.

Also located near this mosque on Mount Jawshan, is a mashad (shrine) known as Mashad al-Siqt. As the prisoners of Karbala were passing through Aleppo, one of wives of Imam Husayn (AS) had a miscarriage. The still-born child was named Muhsin, and buried at this place.

Historical Accounts

The prisoners of Karbala were taken through many cities on their way to Damascus on orders from Yazid. As they were nearing Aleppo, a Christian monk who lived there could see light emanating from the head of Imam Husayn (AS), upwards to the sky. When the caravan stopped for rest, the monk approached them and asked if he could take the head for the night in exchange for 10,000 dirhams that he had with him. When they agreed, the monk took the head and placed it on a stone, whereon blood from the head fell onto it. In the morning he returned the head and professed Islam. This version of events can be found written on a plaque within the mosque itself.

Other versions of the story

Other Shia narrations relate that when the prisoners of Karbala were passing through Aleppo, the head of Imam Husayn (AS) was placed upon a rock. When blood from the head fell onto the rock, more blood began gushing forth from the rock.

Sunni sources narrate that a shepherd had a dream wherein he was instructed to build a mosque in honour of Husayn (AS), at the place where one of his goats had its foot sunken into rock. When the shepherd awoke and pulled the goat free from the rock, a river of water began to gush forth.