There are many reasons that unity amongst Islamic countries, especially in the Middle East is necessary. Cultural interests and warnings, economics, politics, and the military of Islamic countries, especially in the Middle East, call for unity and congruent opinions more than ever. The main reason that the powers from outside of the region have been able to spread the area of their interests to most parts of the world especially in the cultural, economic, and strategic region of the Islamic world is the fear factor; the threats in the Middle East.

Richard Nixon in his famous book Seize the Moment, which can be considered his political will, advises western leaders, especially American ones by saying that the Persian Gulf provides for 65 percent of the oil interests of western countries and that it is predicted that in the next 25 years it will be the only place where oil is pumped; therefore there is no other option except presence and fighting in that region. The west, with America in the lead, has exerted all of their energy and experience in reaching their cultural, economic, and political goals to prevent unity in the Islamic world. Nixon, in the same book, advises that if America wants to be active in the Islamic world, its politicians must have plans in the field of theological fighting and nationality.

American and English diplomatic agencies by creating animosity and a poisonous attitude amongst Islamic countries have spread distrust in the Middle East. The Dependence and ignorance of some materialist and spiritual leaders regarding these countries has added to the deadly fire. The satanic policy of divide and rule has been implemented by American political and intelligence agencies after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the Middle East. The victory of the Islamic Revolution is a main concern for America, England, and Israel because it woke up Muslims in most parts of the Islamic world “from Yugoslavia to Morocco to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the numerous countries of central Asia.

Hardy Roger a western sociologist in one of his analytical articles wrote with worry and astonishment that it was interesting that in every Islamic country that he visited he was faced with the strength of the Islamic movement. He said that Turkey was the most secular of the countries that he visited, but, that he did not expect Islam to be alive as much as it was in the countries that he visited. He said that a change has taken place in the third world; a change that the west is unable to stop. It is because of this that America uses all of its power imaginable to prevent unity in the Islamic world. Evidence (of course, the little evidence in comparison which has been leaked) shows that the most widespread action in this regard was Americas backing of the Baathist-Zionist Saddam Hussein’s government to get into a war with Iran. This war was started with two major goals: one, if possible to overturn the Islamic revolution and the new government which just came into power, and two, if the first goal is not accomplished, to control the Muslim awakening taking place in the region.

As events in the Islamic world show, America and its foreign and domestic feigns have been unable to achieve either one of these goals. Saddam’s attack on Iran and Kuwait occurred under the advice of America. Kissinger was the main planner for the Iraq war against Iran and Rumsfeld was the executor, according to evidence. Arabic countries, out of fear from the threats that America gave them, were forced to help finance Saddam’s war against Iran and in the end they were also attacked by Iraq. America and England are daily after excuses to cause differences between Islamic countries, especially in the Middle East, and especially near the Persian Gulf. One day they use the excuse of the Islamic revolution, and another day they use the excuse of the Shia’s rising. Today, they are scaring Iran’s neighbors about Iran’s nuclear capabilities. It is strange that some of the Islamic leaders are unaware and overlook the threats of America’s military presence and the strong nuclear weapon strength of Israel, the usurping nation. They allow themselves to be influenced by the state that the American and Zionist diplomatic agencies and media are creating.

But, Iran spent the most money and put forth the most political effort for Islamic countries. One of America’s most fundamental problems with Iran is the question why does Iran, who is Shia, help Palestine, Afghanistan, and other Islamic countries, which are Sunni? There is no place for a good Islam and a bad Islam in America’s definition; rather they believe there is a bad Islam and a worse Islam. They do not even trust the Islam of Mubarak, Saud, and King Hussein. They have said that their next goals are destroying Medina, Mecca, Riyadh, Cairo, and Tripoli. Therefore, in these crucial times where the American and Zionist enemy are serious threats to all Muslims and have occupied some Islamic countries, it is necessary for there to be immediate unity amongst the Islamic countries in order to defeat this enemy and to protect and increase political, cultural, economic, and security interests and goals.

America and England, in the past hundred years, have proven that they are not friends of the Islamic countries. They have done as much as they could to weaken and humiliate these countries. If unity is achieved in the countries of the Middle East American and western interests will be put in serious danger. The continuance of America’s barbaric attacks on the people of Iraq will be immediately researched because a stable, secure, technological, and strong Iraq would negate the presence of the occupiers. The most important slogan and universal goal of the Islamic sects in the Islamic world should be the protection of unity. American and Zionist enemies are very scared that such a goal would be accomplished so they instigate national, tribal, and sectarian differences.