In addition to Muslims visiting the graves of the Prophet and his Companions to invoke blessing, such conduct was not limited to graves of the Prophet and his Companions, but also the graves of scholars and clerics, including:

  1. Al-Subki says: the people of Samarkand took so much earth from al-Bukhari’s tomb that his grave was revealed and they could not be stopped until a mausoleum was put on his grave.
  2. Muhammad ibn Momel, the student of Ibn Khuzaimah who is called Sheikh Bukhari and Sheikh al-Islam, says: along with my masters and other professors we visited the shrine of Ali bin Musa al-Reza (PBUH), Ibn Khuzaimah bowed and prostrated in front of the shrine in such a way that we were amazed.
  3. Abu Ali Khalal says, “Whenever I encounter a problem I visit the grave of Musa bin Jafar and beseeched God for help through his intercession, and God eases my problem.
  4. Muhammad ibn Idris visited the grave of Abu-Hanifeh and Ahmad ibn Hanbal visited the grave of Shafe’i.
  5. Muslims visited the grave of Abu Yaghoub Ansari and beseeched God for rain through his intercession.