Ali al-Akbar ibn Husayn ibn Ali (AS), known as Ali al-Akbar was son of Imam al-Husayn (AS), and was born in 33/654. It is reported that he (AS) was very much like the Prophet (PBUH) in appearance and personality. Ali al-Akbar (AS) showed great bravery and sacrifice in the Battle of Karbala and was martyred in fighting with the army of Yazid. According to narrations, he (AS) was the first martyr from Banu Hashim on the Day of Ashura. His grave is beside his father in Karbala.

Ali al-Akbar (AS) was born in Medina on Sha’ban 11, 33/March 10, 654. His father was Imam al-Husayn (AS) and his mother was Layla bint Abi Murra. In historical reports, his title is mentioned as al-Akbar and his Kunya is Abu l-Hasan.

He was martyred in the Battle of Karbala on Muharram 10, 61/October 13, 680 together with his father, many men of Banu Hashim, and the companions of Imam al-Husayn (AS). He (AS) was buried beside Imam al-Husayn (AS) in Karbala. Genealogists and historians have reported his name with the title of Akbar as the eldest son of Imam al-Husayn (AS).

However, some Shia scholars believed that he (AS) was smaller than Imam al-Sajjad (AS); but, this opinion has been criticized by late Tustari.

His Martyrdom

When Ali al-Akbar (AS) bravely attacked the enemy, suddenly the eyes of Murra ibn Munqidh fell on Ali al-Akbar (AS) and said, “I accept responsibility for sins of Arabs if I do not make his father mournful for his death.” And blow his sword on Ali’s (AS) head which made him confused and others attacked him and hit him all over his body. He (AS) still had a little strength when he (AS) shouted, “O Father! Peace be upon you, this is my grandfather, the Prophet (PBUH) who now has come and removed my thirst with an overflown bowl of water. He (PBUH) says, ‘Rush to us'” and then breathed his last and passed on to the next.”