The Imam Mahdi Islamic Education Center (IMIEC) of Baltimore is a mosque and Islamic education center in Baltimore County, Maryland, United States. It is located on 2406 Putty Hill Ave, Parkville, Maryland, 21234. Its site was purchased in 2003 by donation of a local Muslim.

According to the Education Center, IMIEC is a Non-Profit Religious Organization (a Maryland religious corporation formed under the Maryland Code Annotated, Foundations and Associations Article Section 5-301, et seq.), and has no political links to any organization or entity. The center seeks to promote Islamic values according to the teachings of the Blessed Quran and the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his Household, and aims to form a strong faith-based community that propagates strong values of love, respect and cooperation.


When family and friends lose a loved one, IMIEC can help with convening a respectful funeral. Center volunteers will perform Ghusl (ritual washing) and Kafan (special sheet wrapping) for the one who has passed away, and will help through the process of burial by performing the required steps according to Islamic rites. A sensitive issue many are not aware of, but must be known, is that (unlike common practice in the US) a Muslim must be buried in a cemetery for Muslims (which has its reasons and wisdoms): this is an issue that is often difficult to communicate to those nearest and most emotionally attached to the individual that has passed away, because they may wish to choose a cemetery that is closest to them for convenience to more regularly visit. However, two things must be kept in mind: (i) obeying God Almighty far exceeds anything else in blessings and comfort for both the one who has passed away and his/her nearest, and (ii) there is special land pre-purchase by a number of centers and allocated towards this very purpose at the King Memorial Gardens (8710 Dogwood Rd, Windsor Mill (Baltimore Country), MD 21244) that is quite close to many. We are also in the process of obtaining burial site(s) at this location, per our responsibility.