Imam Khomeini, the pioneer in establishing such system

The system of political jurisprudence has a long record in Shiism. But there is something new which is formation of an establishment based on this type of jurisprudence that was accomplished by the late Imam.

The first person to form an establishment theoretically and practically altogether was the late Imam who raised the issue of religious popular rule as well as the subject of Velayat-Faqih or governance by a supreme jurist.

The Islamic establishment was set up on this basis. This is the first such experience. We do not have such an experience in history, neither in the Safavid era nor any other era. The fact that our Imam created this establishment based on jurisprudential principles is not something created all of a sudden. This does not mean that we discovered a system based on jurisprudence and it was all done. Formation of an establishment is an ongoing process that has to be completed on a daily basis. We may have made a mistake somewhere. But what matters is that we should correct ourselves due to the mistake and this is a complementary aspect of the formation of an establishment. We should not tarnish the past. When it is said that formation of an establishment is an ongoing process it does not mean that we can destroy whatever we have created such as overlooking our constitution or tarnish the government system. On the other hand, we should preserve what we have created and eliminate its flaws and contribute to its completion. This is a necessary task. I believe that the absolute aspect of Velayat Faqih that was not included in the constitution and was later included by the late Imam is a proof for this fact which is indicative of flexibility.