Here are five famous sayings of Imam Reza (AS), the eighth Imam of Shia Muslims:

  1. He who compares and likens Allah to his creations is a polytheist and the one who attributes something which has been forbidden for him is an infidel.
  2. Faith is to one grade superior and sublime to Islam and piety is one degree superior to faith and certitude and certainty is one step superior to faith and nothing more elegant and excellent than certitude has been bestowed upon the sons of Adam (AS).
  3. Faith has four pillars: Trusting and relying upon Allah, and contentment and pleasure with the divine will, and submittance to the ordain and ordinance of Allah, and delegation and turning over (the affairs) to Allah. i.e. (Total submission and reassignment to Allah).
  4. And faith means performing and discharging the obligatory duties and avoiding the committing of forbidden acts and faith, is the recognition and knowing (Allah) through the heart and admitting and confessing through the tongue and practicing through the parts of body (Physically).
  5. One day Imam Reza (AS) mentioned Quran and so he described the magnanimity and glory of its authority and its miracles saying, That is the firm cable of Allah and firmest handhold and the ideal and model path, it guides and leads toward paradise and is the savior from the fire (of Hell). It does not corrode and wear out by the passage and flow of time. Moreover, it’s continuous repetition and recitation through the tongue does not devalue and depreciate it. Since, it is not made to exist for a certain age and period apart from other ages and periods. Instead, it has been made a proof and logic for all human beings. Falsehood does nether find passage in the front and afore of it nor from its back side. It has been descended (revealed) by Allah, the all wise, all praise worthy.