Here we try to answer the question of how to get the most of spiritual blessings of feeling the presence of the Imam of the time? Interestingly, it is easier for the youth to be in touch with the Imam of the time by refraining from committing sins and having a clearer heart.

The Imam never forgets us and will get to us on our most demanding times if we deserve it though we should remember him sincerely. The more sincerely remember him the more effective will be the blessings of his presence in our life.

When remembering the Imam and trying to establish spiritual relations with him, we should not be satisfied with the least, but should try to get proximity to the Imam himself because if he sits by us for one moment everything is solved.

There are many people who got whatever they wanted by meeting him. Why a shoemaker recognizes him by the sound of Imam’s shoe soles but we have no part of his presence?

We will reach him if we had the same respect for him as we have for our best friends. Unfortunately some of us do not respect him as much as our material entertainment and still expect to visit him. Meditation, prayers, consistency, sincerity, and serious resolve to meet the Imam of Time help much to build friendship with him.

We should wake up to pray in midst of the night, make our deeds all divinely. Speak for God, study for God, work for God. We will get to visit the Imam of Time whenever we get this stage.

Praying for his health and his reappearance will also help. This is what all the Infallibles (PBUT) did. Some traditions handed down from Imam Hussein (AS) indicate that on the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS), the Imam said: “Dear God! Now that you have denied your help to my son, do not deny it from my grandson who will appear someday”‌.