Having innate talent is not enough for an orator who wants to talks in an eloquent and articulate manner, they must repeatedly practice; they must also be completely prepared physically and psychically during orating as to be able to present an eloquent and articulate speech.

Their audience must also be attuned to them, else they would not be able to talk, let alone eloquently and articulately.

Thirsty, hungry, exhausted from being captive, bereaved, displaced and humiliated, Zainab (SA), who had neither been trained nor had practiced, was talking to people who were not only not attuned to her, they had even thrown stone and garbage at her. Despite all this she cries out: “O people of Kufa, you deceivers and faithless ones…”

Zainab’s words awakened their sleeping conscience and people, men, women, children, old and young, wept.

“I noticed Zainab. By God, I have never seen a modest and demure woman more articulate than her. It was as if Zainab spoke forth Imam Ali’s (AS) words,” Khazim Asadi says.

“I saw an old man beside me whose face was drenched in tears and was saying, ‘may my parents be sacrificed for you. Your oldsters the best of oldsters, your youth superior to other youngsters, and your women are the most beautiful. Your lineage is the best lineage that is neither humiliated nor defeated.’”


Source: tebyan.net