Ziarat Arbaeen can be divided into parts as outlined below:

  1. Like other Ziarats, Ziarat Arbaeen starts with greeting Imam Hussein (A.S) and then describing his various titles, such as Seyyedo Shohada and each one of these titles describes a special dimension of Imam’s personality.
  2. In this part, the special divine honours given to Imam Hussein (A.S) as a result of his martyrdom in Karbala are mentioned; such as, he is one of the leaders of the religion, a defender of the justice and successor of the prophets as well as a divine proof.
  3. The third part deals with the philosophy of Ashura uprising and the various aims of the uprising are explained. The main aim is mentioned as guiding, saving and awakening people.
  4. In this section, the enemies of Imam Hussein (A.S) are introduced; their aims and the various anti-God groups who were deceived by the world.
  5. This section is dedicated to Jihad in the way of God and martyrdom and the difficulties and sufferings that Imam (A.S) and his family and companions faced. It is mentioned here that Jihad in the way God succeeds by sacrifice, patience and sincere deeds.
  6. This section is for cursing the enemies and asking for God’s curse on them
  7. In this part, Imam’s connection to the line of the prophethood is mentioned.
  8. The message of this section is that honorable death is better than a life without dignity.
  9. This part is about expressing strong disapproval of those who cooperate with oppressors.
  10. Again, in this section, the nobleness and purity of Ahl-ul-Bayt (A.S) is emphasized.
  11. In this part the importance and eminent position of Imams and Imamate are described.
  12. Three elements of belief, submission and following the line of Imams are mentioned in this section as the main principles of guidance.
  13. This part deals with declaration of position. By knowing Imams we should know their positions regarding various issues.
  14. And the final section is to end the Ziarat with final greetings.


Source: shafaqna.com