Here are some famous sayings of Imam al-Jawad (AS), the ninth Imam of Shia Muslims:

— God will forgive all of the sins of one who pays a visit to my father’s (Imam Raza) grave and Paradise is his.

— The Person who abandons conciliation with people so the undesirable (gloom misery, distress) gets nearer to him.

— The men who do not know the ways of arrival and entry, the ways of exit and exodus will tire and irk him.

— One who gets satisfied and contented with a thing before recognition and information so he has presented himself to annihilation and a troublesome and awful end.

— The one who rides (the horse of) lusty desire, his faults and slips are irreparable and uncompensatable.

— The boon and benevolence which is not thanked for is like the sin not forgiven.

— Good state and sound health is the best providence and grant of Allah.

— Do not make remedy, for a matter whose time of remedy has not yet come, for , you shall repent and bereave and of course the (span) length of your ages do not grow but your hearts get hard. Be merciful to your weak and seek the mercy of Allah by having mercy and beneficence upon them.

— And do know that indeed Allah is All knowing and His wrath is upon the one who does not accept His pleasure. And verily the one who does not accept His grant is refused that. And the one who does not accept his guidance goes astray.

— One who commits aggression and tyranny and the one who helps him upon it and the one who is pleased over it, are all party and participants in it.