Here are some famous sayings of Imam Musa al-Kazim (AS), the sevenths Imam of Shia Muslims:

— Never bother to learn something not knowing which does not do you any harm, and never neglect to learn something whose negligence will increase your ignorance.

— Plants grow in plain, not rocky, lands. In the same way, wisdom will grow in the hearts of the modest, not the arrogant, because Allah has made modesty the instrument of the mind and made arrogance the instrument of ignorance.

— The most high-ranking people are those who disregard the worldly pleasures completely.

— Whenever you get a pious leader and ruler (then) thank God for this boon.

— Always say the right thing although it may lead to your loss.

— The world is soft and beautiful like a snake but there is a (disastrous) killer poison hidden inside it.

— No charity is superior to giving a helping hand to the weak.

— Moderation is the half of the livelihood.

— Amicability is half of the intelligence.

— Hastiness is the true clumsiness.

— I found the knowledge of people in four things: firstly, that you know your Lord (recognition of Allah). Secondly that you know it as to what factors He made use of in creating you. Thirdly that you know as to what does he want and intend from you, and fourthly that you learn what is it that will expel you from your religion.

— Comprehend and understand the religion of Allah, for jurisprudence is the key to vision and the completion of worship and the cause of reaching the lofty grades and magnanimous stations in the world and in the hereafter.

— I inform you that the obligatory most right of your brother (in faith) is that you do not hide and conceal anything, which is beneficial and useful for his worldly affairs or affairs of the hereafter, from him.