The 4th Imam, Zainul-abideen (asws) and Syeda Fatima (asws), the daughter of Imam Hassan (asws) were blessed with a son, Imam (asws) Mohammed Baqir (asws), on 1st Rajab 57 AH in Madina.

The 4th Imam, Zainul-abideenasws and Syeda Fatimaasws, the daughter of Imam Hassanasws were blessed
with a son, Imamasws Mohammed Baqirasws, on 1st Rajab 57 AH in Madina. The 5th Imamasws’s both
parents were direct descendents of Imam Aliasws and Syeda Fatima Zahiraasws. The 5th Imamasws too
suffered from the brutalities of Muslims very early on in his life, the same way as Imamasws‘s ancestors
did, the foundation of which was laid down in ‘Saqifa’1 soon after the martyrdom of Prophet
Mohammedsaww. Imamasws was only 3 when 72 of hisasws family members were starved for three days
and martyred, in front of himasws, on the 10th of Moharram. The 5th Imamasws was taken prisoner together
with his terminally ill fatherasws and those women and children who escaped the death after Umayyad
army looted and burnt down their tents on the eve of Ashura2. On their way to Kufa and Sham, young
Imamasws heard screams of children who fell down from the back of running camels and got trampled;
and the helpless cries of their mothers, whose hands were tied behind their backs. Imam Mohammed
Baqirasws‘s battered convoy was forced to march bare feet for miles on smouldering sand and were
taken from one town to another, belonging to the supporters of Umayyad, as a show of their triumph
over Prophetasws’s nobel family. Umayyad soldiers treated Ahlul Baitasws with severe cruelty, making
frequent use of heavy whips, even on the faces and backs of innocent children. Ahlul Baitasws were also
forcibly paraded in Bazaars of Kufa and Sham where women and children were invited and
encouraged to pelt stone and burning briquettes on the captives(the Prophetsaww’s household). Finally,
after over a year’s detention in a roofless prison, theyasws were allowed to return to Madina where Imam
Mohammed Baqirasws grew-up, under the guardianship of his father, Imam Zainul-Abideenasws.
Imam Muhammad Baqir ibn Aliasws was named by Prophet Mohammedsaww, the word ‘Baqir’ means the
one who opens up and resolves the mysteries (to reveal hidden knowledge). Once Zahari3 asked from
Imam Ali bin Hussainasws: O Son of Prophetasws! Please tell me the meanings of the ‘Baqir-ul-Ilm’4.
Imamasws replied my true followers and sincere friends will follow my son (Baqirasws) and he will open up
the secrets of knowledge and enhance their understanding. Zahari asked: ‘Have you left any instruction
for your elder son in your will? Imamasws replied: O Abu Abdullah! The title of Imamat has no preference
for the elder or the younger, rather it is a Divine entitlement, I have acted on Allahasws’s instructions. I
have read the same inscribed on the ‘Looh’ and ‘Sahifa’5. Zahari asked again, these instructions are for
how many (Imamsasws) among Ahlul Baitasws, as successor and representatives of Prophetsaww? Imamasws
replied I have seen 12 names written in the ‘Looh and Sahifa’ along with the names of their fathersasws
and mothersasws and then added there will be seven successors from descendants of my son
Mohammed Baqirasws, including the promised Imam Mehdiajfj.6
Immat of Imam Mohammed Baqirasws:
Malik ibn Aian writes in his book7, Imam Ali bin Hussainasws (Zain-ul-Abadeenasws) after declaring Imam
Mohammed Baqirasws as hisasws successor and Imamasws after him, said: ‘Whoever would claim to be
Imam, after me, other than you, will be a liar and Allahazwj will arrest him on the Day of Judgement with a
chain of fire. O my son! Praise Allahazwj and remain thankful to Himazwj. Be grateful to the one, who
extends favours to you and keep on obliging those who acknowledge your generosity with gratitude.
Good fortune will not be taken away from the one who remains grateful, however it would be lost as
1 A house where Muslims gathers to elect Prophetsaww’s successor
2 10th of the month of Muharram
3 One of close companions of 4th and 5th Imamsasws
4 Famous title of Imam Mohammed Baqirasws
5 Divine broad, Divine Book, only accessible to Allahazwj and His Chosen onesasws.
6 Bihar ul Anwar, vol. 4, pg24, Kafayatul al Asr, pg. 319
7 Bihar ul Anwar, vol. 4, pg23, Kafayatul al Asr, pg. 319
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A short profile of Imam Mohammed Baqir asws
soon as one stops appreciating it. He is extremely lucky who honours and submits, to the most
valuable blessing of the Lordazwj (His Naima8), appreciation to that has been made compulsory. Then
Imam Zain-ul-Abadeenasws recited the following Verse: ) I يد L دM شM ي ل L اب M ذM ع U نL إ X مZتX رMفM ك X نLئMلM و X مZ نكUM يد L زM لأM X مZتX رM كM ش X نLئM ل X مZ كgبM ر M نU ذMأM ت X إذLM و
And when your Lord made it known: If you are grateful, I would certainly give to you more, and
if you are ungrateful, My chastisement is truly severe.
Close Companions of Imam Mohammed Baqirasws:
The following companions have reported several traditions from Imam Mohammed Baqirasws and were
considered to be close companions of Imamasws: Jabir bin Jaffi, Hamran Aain, Zara, Amir bin Abbullah,
Hajr bin Zair, Abdullah bin Shareek Amari, Fazail bin Baisar Basri, Salam bin Mustaneer, Baryadban
bin Yajali and Hakim bin Abi Naeem (may Allahazwj be pleased with all of them).9
Few Akhbar (reports) from Close Companions of Imam Mohammed Baqirasws:
Abad bin Kaseer reports in ‘Khazair’ that I asked from Imam Mohammed Baqirasws ‘Is there any right of
a momin over his Lordazwj? Imamasws turned away from me but upon my insistence, as I repeated my
question three times, Imamasws replied: Yes, a ‘Momin’10 has some rights on Allahazwj, e.g., if he would
ask a tree (pointing to a date-tree in front) to come forward, it would do so. Abad says, By Allahazwj, I
saw that date-tree started to move forward from its place but Imamasws stopped it by saying! Don’t, I did
not ask you to come forward.11
Imam Mohammed Baqirasws told Fazeel bin Lasaar that there is not a single aggressor who will not
benefit from the abundant bounties (of Lordazwj in the hereafter), except the children of ‘so’ and ‘so’ who
will have no hope of mercy. Fazeel bin Lasaar reports, I asked again respectfully, may I be sacrificed
for your cause, ‘Are there some who will not receive any mercy from their Lordazwj? Imamasws replied,
yes, some will not enjoy it at all and these will be the ones who have shed ourasws sinless blood and
committed atrocities against our followers.12
One of Imam Mohammed Baqirasws’s companions, Mohammed bin Muslim, became seriously ill upon
arriving in Medina. Imamasws sent ‘syrup’ for him through one of hisasws servants. Upon visiting him, the
servant told Mohammed: ‘My master has sent this medicine for you and has asked me not to leave until
you drink it in front of me’. Mohammed said, I was so ill that I could not even move from my bed and
started crying after realising the care and kindness of my Molaasws. I immediately took the syrup from
the messenger and drank all of it. I was miraculously cured and regained all my lost strength as soon
as I felt that syrup into my stomach. I felt like I have been released from the claws of a devil, I
immediately rushed towards Imamasws‘s house and asked for his permission to see himasws. Upon seeing
my Molaasws, I became hysterical and tears started gushing down my cheeks, I kissed Imamasws’s sacred
feet and forehead. Imamasws asked me why was I crying after being relieved from illness? I replied,
Molaasws! I am poor and troubled by lack of resources, which also prevent me from visiting you.
Imamasws replied, as far as your lack of resources, Allahazwj has not only predestined it for all ourasws
devout followers and friends but also has engulfed them into hardships and they are subjected to
difficult tests one after another. You have complained about being away from your hometown; you
better look up to Imam Hussainasws who is peacefully resting near the banks of Euphrates, far away
from usasws. As far as travelling long distances under unbearable conditions, you better know that every
single ‘Momin’ is distressed and lives an unsettled life, away from his comfort zone and is given hard
times by others, surely, he will not find any refuge until he departs from this mortal world and embraces
the blessings of his Lordazwj. As far as ourasws kindness and care for you, it reflects more than what you
8 Divine Gift-Wilayat-e-Amir-ul-Momaneenasws.
9 Bihar, vol. 4, pg. 121, Al Akhtisas, pg. 8.
10 Devout follower of Ahlul Baitasws
11 Bihar, vol. 4, pg. 39, Nafas alMusadar, pg 196
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A short profile of Imam Mohammed Baqir asws
carry for us, you are unable to return our favours, but I assure you, you will be rewarded and blessed
for the love and loyalty you nurture for us in your heart.13
When Zaid bin Ali bin Hussain tried to seek oath of allegiance from people in an attempt to form a
government, Imam Mohammed Baqirasws warned him against it and said: ‘Any effort to establish a
government by anyone of usasws, prior to the appearance of our Mehdiajfj, is like a premature flight of a
chick who tries to fly without insufficient feathers and wings span and ends up falling on the ground and
become a child’s play. Zaid! Abandon uprising, otherwise you will be captured and hanged at the place
called ‘kanasa’! It happened exactly what Imam Baqirasws warned him against, after his unsuccessful
upheaval against Umayyad rulers.14
Malik bin Aan reports in a tradition written in Al-Kafi: once I visited Imam Mohammed Baqirasws who was
wearing a red coloured shawl, upon observing me taking notice of the bright-coloured shawl, Imamasws
said: I know you find it inappropriate for me, at this age, to wear a red-coloured outfit, but I have been
compelled to wear it by my wife ‘Saqfiya’ to whom I love, but I do not offer Salat in this shawl, neither
should you offer prayers in bright-red outfits. Malik says: When I visited Imamasws again after some time,
Imamasws had divorced that lady and told me: ‘She used to utter inappropriate words against Amir-ul-
Momaneenasws’. I neither could tolerate her attitude nor stop her from cursing my grandfatherasws so I
divorced her.15
Once Jabir bin Jaffy visited Imam Mohammed Baqirasws and said: I praise my Lordasws who through His
kindness and blessings has given me your ‘Maraft’ (recognition), enlightened my heart to acknowledge
your elevated status and enabled me to act on your commands and has given me the ability to love
your friends and hold animosity against your foes.
Imamasws replied: O Jabir! ‘Do you know what is ‘Maraft’? Maraft consist of 7 phases: (1) the Tauheed;
(2) understanding of its meanings; (3) recognition of its chapters (which are the doors of Divine
guidance through which one could reach the door-steps of an Imamasws); (4) distinguishing among
people; (5) understanding of the acts of worship; (6) discovering the pillars of guidance; (7) and only
then one gets the ‘Maraft’ of the Divine and Pure Light. As Allahasws Says:
( ا ( 18:109 l دM دM م L هLلXثL مL ا ب MنXئL ج X وMلM بي و w رM Z ات M مLلM ك M دMفXنM ت X أنM M لXبM ق Z رX حMبX ال M دLفMنM بي ل wM ر L ات M مLلM كL ا ل l اد M دL م Z رX حM لبX ا M ان M ك X وM ل X لZق
Say: If the sea were ink for the Kalimat of my Lord, the sea would surely be consumed before the Kalimat of my
Lord are exhausted, though We were to bring the like of that (sea) in addition.
and also Says:
( م ( 31:27 I يL كM ز ح I يL زM ع M لهU ال U نL إ L لهU ال Z ات M مLلM ك X تM دLفM ا ن M م  رZ حXبM أ Z ةM عX سبM LهL دX عM ب X نL م Z دهg Z مM ر ي Z X حMبX ال M م و I لاMXقM أ ةM رM شجM X نL م L رضX MأX ي ال L ا ف M نمUM أ X وMلM و
And were every tree that is in the earth (made into) pens and the sea (to supply it with ink), with seven more seas
to increase it, the Kalimat of Allah would not come to an end; surely Allah is Mighty, Wise.
In a Sermon Mola Aliasws says, weasws are the ‘Kalimat’ of Allahazwj.16 And one cannot get ‘Maraft’ of
Tauheed unless and until one tries to comprehend that Who is hidden but has always existed, eyes
cannot visualise Himazwj but Heazwj watches them, the Creator of everything, Who Knows each and every
entity from inside out but has remained unseen from the very beginning, no one knows Himazwj but only
through what Heazwj has revealed.
For understanding the meanings of Tauheed, one should recognise usasws as manifestation of Tauheed
and its meanings. Allahazwj has created usasws through Hisazwj own Light and has made usasws responsible
to deal with people’s affairs and we are, through Hisazwj agreement, possess the absolute powers to
carry out whatever we wish and find appropriate. However, whatever weasws choose, always pleases
13 Bihar, vol. 4, pg. 46, Al Manaquib, vol, 3, pg. 316.
14 Bihar, vol. 4, pg. 50
15 Bihar, vol. 4, pg. 75, Nafs alMusadar, vol, 6, pg. 447.
16 Hadith-e-Taqiq, Nahjul Israr, vol.1.
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A short profile of Imam Mohammed Baqir asws
Himazwj, and whatever Heazwj likes is always in accordance with ourasws intentions. Heazwj has blessed
usasws with Hisazwj attributes and elevated our status above the rest of Hisazwj creation and has given
usasws eminent position among all others and has made ourasws obedience compulsory on all that is
present in the entire universe, in such a way that whoever denies our attributes or rejects our sayings
(traditions), in fact, he rejects the commands of Allahazwj, Hisazwj Verses, Hisazwj Prophets and Divine
Messengersas. It is a lengthy tradition, worth reading all of it but for brevity of this article we rejoin
Imamasws’s and Jabir’ conversation at a later stage:
Jabir then requested Imamasws to inform him: ‘How many people, like him exist in the whole World,
Imamasws replied there are not many who have the same level of ‘Maraft’ as you have, most of them you
consider your friends and likeminded, have not even reached the initial levels of ‘Marafat’, instead they
are flawed and ‘Muqassir’17 and are not worth considering your companions. Jabir says, I asked
Imamasws please inform me the meanings of ‘Muqassir’ Imamasws replied: Those are the Muqassir who,
procrastinate in acquiring knowledge of our teachings and learn about ourasws ‘Maraft’, the Amr18 and
the Sprit19, as Allahazwj has made is compulsory on people to seek knowledge about usasws and recognise
our attributes.
Imamasws then explained the qualities of his Shias to Jabir.20
Jabir says, I told Imamasws, it would, therefore, mean that most of the Shias are ‘Muqassir’ I do not find
anyone with these qualities among my friends. Imamasws corrected me, O Jabir! You do not recognise
some of our Shias, who discretely visit me, and after saying ‘Salaam’ they start asking about the Divine
secrets and intricacies of ‘Maraft’, and are interested in those subjects, which are not even known to
general public.
Then Imam Mohammed Baqirasws asked Jabir to visit him together with some of his friends so that they
may learn about the ‘Marafat’ of a Divine Imamasws. When they came next day, Imamasws showed them
some miracles (Imam Mohammed Baqirasws turning into his son Imam Jafar-e-Sadiqasws and vice versa)
they all went down into prostration in front of Imamasws. Imamasws revealed to them some hidden
treasures on ‘Maraft-e-Norania’21 and then asked them to leave.22
One of Imam Mohammed Baqirasws’s followers visited himasws and said: By Lordazwj! I have travelled on
foot for miles, and have happily embraced tremendous pain in this expedition. I have done this, without
any compulsion but just to seek your pleasure and out of love of Ahlul Baitasws. Imamasws replied: By
Lordazwj! Even if a stone will harbour our love, Allahazwj will resurrect it, in the hereafter, nowhere else but
in our close proximity. Tell me! If religion is anything else other than love (with sincerity).23
At another occasion Imam Mohammed Baqirasws told Jabir Jaffy: ‘O Jabir! Whenever you hear
something about our ‘Amr’ (authority), and your heart accepts it then praise Allahazwj but if your heart is
not satisfied by it then return it back to us (by saying theyasws know it better) but never criticise our
traditions by saying how is it? Why it is so? Because it would be similar to rejecting our sayings and by
my Lordazwj it would be similar to falling into the darkness of ‘Shrk’24.
Someone asked Imam Mohammed Baqirasws the meanings of the following Verse:
( ا ( 25:70 l يم L رحM را l فوZM غ Z لهU ال M ان M وكM  ات MنM حسM X مL هL ات MئwيM س Z لهU ال Z دلw MبZ ي M كL لئM وZأM ا ف l لحL صاM لا lM مM ع M لL مM وعM M نM مMآM و M اب M ت X نM لا م ULإ
17 Know very little about Divine Imamasws’s attributes
18 Divine Authority/Powers
19 A Divine creation of Allahazwj, which is superior to the Angels and descendents on the Imamasws with Amr on lalatul Qadr.
20 Those paragraphs are not translated for the brevity of the article those who are interested may consult, Al-Qatara, vol. 2, on Imam Mohammed
21 Recognition as Divine Light
22 Al-Qatra, vol 2, pg. 24
23 Al-Qatra, vol 2, pg. 32
24 Share someone else with Lordazwj.

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A short profile of Imam Mohammed Baqir asws
Except him who repents and believes and does a good deed; so these are they of whom Allah changes the evil
deeds to good ones; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
Imamasws explained: In the hereafter a Momin who had committed sins in his life will be stopped by the
angels and Allahazwj will examine his deeds Himselfasws, obscuring his accounts from others. Allahazwj will
remind that Momin of his misconduct in his life. That Momin will acknowledge his sins with remorse and
ask for forgiveness. At that instance, Allahazwj will ask those angels who were writing his deeds to first
convert all his bad deeds into good ones and then make them known to others. Upon noticing his
deeds people will be perplexed and say out of surprise, ‘Look at that person, how come, he did not
commit a single sin? Allahazwj will then ask Hisazwj angels to take him into Paradise.25
Imam Mohammed Baqirasws said: Godazwj is worshiped through submission to us, without usasws Allahazwj
would not be recognised. By Allahazwj, if I have not pledged and promised to keep it secret I would have
revealed that which would astonish and bewilder many among the previous and future generations and
take their breath away.26
Imam Mohammed Baqirasws’s Will, Martyrdom and Burial
Imam Mohammed Baqirasws spent between three to four years in the life-time of Imam Hussainasws, 34
years or 39 years (as per another tradition) in the company of his father Imam Ali bin Hussainasws and
18 or 19 years executing responsibilities of an Imamasws prior to being martyred.27
The following muslim rulers had the reigns of muslim governments during Imamasws‘s Imamat
responsibilities: Waleed bin Abdul Malik Salayman, Ummer bin Abdul Aziz, Yazeed bin Adul Malik,
Yashaam bin Abdul Malik, Waleed bin Yazeed and Ibrahim bin Waleed bin Yazeed, the later Maluan
was responsible for giving poison to Imam Mohammed Baqirasws.
All of these rulers with the exception of Ummer bin Abdul Aziz were staunch enemies of Ahlul Baitasws.
Ummer bin Abdul Aziz, however, offered some comfort to Ahlul Baitasws, i.e., returning the land of
Fadaq, stopped cursing of Amir-ul-Momaneenasws from pulpits of mosques and instigating hatred and
hurling insults on Ahlul Baitasws and their followers. But these favourable conditions were short lived, just
over two years, during Ummer bin abdul Aziz’s rule. Ummaid rulers went back to their ancestor’s
arrogant behaviour and hostile attitude towards the house of Prophetsaww. The Umayyad Caliph Hisham
Ibn Abdul Malik was in the forefront of showing animosity against Imam Baqirasws, he arrested Imamasws
on several occasions with intention of hurting and humiliating himasws but could not find any evidence to
prosecute Imamasws and could not offered to take unnecessary political risks to further alienate public
opinion. In the end, Umayyad rulers decided to adopt a devious strategy to eliminate Imam Baqirasws out
of way and sent a poison-impregnated saddle as a gift. They insisted Imamasws to ride on a horse
mounted with it, after a short ride, poison spread in Imamasws’s body. After few days in pain Imamasws left
for the better world on the 7th of Zilhijja 114 Hijri and was buried alongside the graves of Imam
Hassanasws and Imam Sajjadasws in Baqi cemetery, Medina.
Imam Jafar-e-Sadiqasws reports that my fatherasws said: Amir-ul-Momaneen Ali bin Abi Talibasws met
martyrdom at the age of 58 years, Imam Hussainasws was too martyred at this age as well as Imam Ali
bin Hussainasws and I am too about to reach that age.28
Imam Mohammed Baqirasws dedicated a fixed amount in his will so that the atrocities of Umayyad
committed against Ahlul Baitasws are to be regularly commemorated, his father (Imam Zain-ul-
Abadeenasws) cried blood all his life. The wounds of Karabal and Sham were never healed; even the 12th
Imamajfj cries blood, in occultation, both in the mornings and in the evenings!
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